Welcome to Bethany House of Worship! We are confident that you will find Bethany House of Worship to be a place that will meet your spiritual needs and connect you with a great community of Christians. We are a small group bonded by our common quest to know more about Lord Jesus Christ. We are a Christ-centered, bible based, family oriented, non-denominational, evangelical church that is geared towards enabling believers to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.

Come and experience our unique worship service that is founded on the four anchors:

Word, Prayer, Communion, and Fellowship

Acts 2:4242And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.

Bethany House of Worship is a church to:

  • Know – Discover Lord Jesus Christ
  • Grow – Grow in your Christian faith
  • Serve – Exercise your God given gifts & talents
  • Connect – Connect with others who are on the same spiritual journey

What you can expect?

You can expect a warm welcome, uplifting music, and biblical teaching. Our Sunday worship service is patterned along the new testament practices and is anchored on word, communion, prayer, and fellowship (Acts 2:42)

Order of Service:

10.00 AM – The service begins at 10.00 AM with congregational worship through traditional hymns and contemporary songs.

10.20 AM – This is followed by worship exhortation, wherein the congregation is exhorted to worship the Lord for who He is (by focusing on God’s divine attributes) and praise Him for what He has done in our lives (by focusing on our personal experience with the Lord).

10.45 AM – Congregation is then given an opportunity to express their worship individually through song and/or words. Children depart for Sunday school at this time. Many children participate in individual worship also.

11.25 AM – The final sermon focuses on different topics from the word of God that is able to train, inspire, challenge, strengthen and equip us in the journey of life.

12.10 PM – Congregation is challenged to examine their lives in light of God’s word and take part in Holy communion worthily. Communion is served only to those who are born again and desire to take part.

The service concludes around 1 PM with voluntary tithes and offering. There is fellowship lunch every Sunday and it gives an opportunity for congregation to strengthen their relationships with one another.

Parking & Transportation – Free street parking is available around the church. If you do not have transportation, we can try to arrange for rides.

Dress code – There is no dress code and dresses range from jeans to suits to traditional attires.

Counsel & Prayers – Biblical counsel and prayer support is available for those struggling with challenges in life or seeking answers to spiritual questions.

During the week – There are several meetings that are held during the week. Please see church calendar for more information or call or email.

Sunday Worship Time & Location 10.00 AM on Sundays at 1070, 69th Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19126

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